Which Opportunity Is Right For Me?

Take This Quiz

Ultimately only you can answer that question but the following quiz will help give you a guideline and narrow down the dizzying number of choices out there.

1. Why are you looking for a work at home opportunity?

a. I’d like to have a little extra spending money and do something productive with my time.

b. I need to supplement my current income to help with expenses.

c. I’d like to replace a full-time income.

2. How much time are you willing to set aside for your business each week?

a. I’d like to fit it in where I can.

b. I can consistently put in 5-10 hours each week.

c. I can set aside 20 hours or more each week.

3. What does your circle of friends look like?

a. I really don’t know anyone and I’m very shy.

b. I have a group of friends and family that I know well.

c. I’m really outgoing. You could say I’ve never met a stranger.

4. How much money do you have to start your business?

a. I really don’t want to invest anything at all.

b. I’d like to be up and running for $250 or less.

c. I could invest $250 – $700 provided it was for legitimate startup expenses.

5. How much support do you need?

a. I want to go at my own pace and don’t want anyone to bother me.

b. I’m fairly self-sufficient, but need to learn the ropes.

c. I’m self-motivated and willing to work hard, once I know what to do.

So what does all this say about you? If your answers fell mostly into:

a. – What business you choose is not as important as who you choose to start a business with. You want to be sure that the person you get started with is very supportive and understands that your business is not necessarily a priority in your life but more of a hobby. You shouldn’t expect any big paychecks but you’ll probably make something here and there. If you enjoy what you are doing that’s all that matters.

b. – You can choose a business that satisfies your interest but make sure that is not the only qualification. The compensation plan has to make sense. And your support team should be able to show you other people who are making the kind of money you expect.

c. – There are only a handful of businesses that can realistically meet your expectations. Make sure you research the company thoroughly through credible sources (individual opinions on Google don’t count).  When you choose one make sure you jump in with both feet. The support team you choose is critical. They need to be able to show you what to do and keep up with you.

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